RECENT SONGS and other acts of kindness

by Steve Caston

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Songs written, recorded (with accompanying videos) from Spring 2010 - Spring 2012


released August 11, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Blanket Kate
Blanket Kate, Blanket Kate
She is the girl and I am, She is the girl and I am
...the man

why does everybody go away?
Why does everybody have to die?
I lower my head and she covers me...

Blanket Kate....

Dragging tired body home from work
why is everyone a fucking joke
I step inside and she covers me...

I wonder where she is tonight
I wonder where she is tonight
I'm so afraid – where is she tonight
I want her here is what I want tonight
I want her here – I want her here

Blanket Kate...
Track Name: Rise
Rise... Fall...

Open your eyes – Shake your head
Blink in the light
It’s morning already
the pain sets in again
take a deep breath prepare to rise...

Rise... wake
make the best of it
you sorrowful little thing

Tomorrow it'll all be over
unless it begins again
Guess we'll just have to deal with it then

The floorboards creak
the body is unforgiving
the memories of moments
that will never come again

Tomorrow it'll all be over
unless it all begins again

Track Name: I Stay Home
She's got her friends
I've got my vices
She goes out with them
I stay home... I stay home

I drink too much
I come home drunk
I puke my guts out
I should stay home... I should stay home

It's a simple remedy... but it never occurs to me...

I get in fights - I get knocked down
I cannot feel it 'coz I'm so numb
I got no sense – I got no brains
Got no nerve endings and I'm feeling no pain...

She's got a point when she says
People can't live like this
she goes out then...
I stay home... I just stay home
Track Name: Burn in Me
Burn in me – real harmony
follow then – blistered fingers... all entwined

Tax my body – dull the mind
lack of breath – sinews muscles – keeping time

Tinder tender sparks aflame
moaning missives call my name
roaming hands – speaking tongues
buried face and punished lungs

Turning key – set it free
hollow men – butchered figures strewn about

Take the body – leave the mind
feel the breeze – sinners – lovers – all alive

Burn in me – real harmony
Burn in me – harmony
Take the body leave the mind
Sinners lovers... Burn in me...
Track Name: Something Happens
(Never Be Able to Explain)

Something happens – out of the ordinary
How can i explain this to you

Fingertips & toes
eyes – ears – god knows
i'll never be able to explain this to you

But something just moves me
it moves me all around
And something just makes me
feel like... new

Something's happened
How can i explain
I'll never be able to explain
Track Name: Somehow
There is no reason to stop...
Though that is my inclination
There is no reason to cry...
But it's what i want to do...

want to take aim – straight and true
with an heroic jawline

the result is weak and scared and tired and feeling like a child...

Somehow – there is a gap between...
this... and where i mean to be
Track Name: Get Me Out of Here
Get Me Out of Here

Get me out of here
Get me out of here
at some point wild abandon
turned into stifled boredom and misery...

you're all to blame
we're all the same – my dear

Take the pieces please
I've got no use for these
at some point I gave up trying
So you can do whatever you want to me
It's all the same
don't call my name – my dear

Get me out of here
Get me out of here
If you didn't hear me the fourth time
then you never will i fear

I'll take the blame
It's just a game – my dear...

I'm on my way
There's no need to stay
Round here...
Track Name: They Come Again
Search the sky
it isn’t there
look around you.. the place is bare
I only had to hear it once
And now nothing’s ever been the same
Just hearing – can make you change
You will remember... I still remember

You are a figure in a threadworn suit
I am a sister to the swollen moon
We use our fingers to dislodge the earth
But it’s too soon
Much to soon

There is the echo of the thing we heard
there is the time and there is the pain
I thought that grace would heal all wounds
they are still here...
they come again

Pray to God for just a moment’s rest
But there is God and there is something else
there are thing that prayer won’t change
I call the name
they come again

We will stand silent when the rain begins
there is no fear there is just relief
we stand and listen to the rising sound
This is the moment when it all begins...
It is a game...
they come again
Track Name: Take Some Chances
Morning – Here again
Another Chance to shine – Another kick at the can
Start the day with exhilaration, just go ahead and expect everything
Enjoy it for all it’s worth
Face the future – No Troubles No Worries

Days Days the heat commences
Tick tick tickle trip
The cat sips quick and the forced air forces
Tick tick tickle trip

A million tiny things to do – Added together to move you further along
A million tiny things to prove – make your guesses and adjust your course

Some days – are harder than others
Those days – leave me physically drained
I’ve spent far too much of my life being sad and defeated
Such a BIG waste of time
But I’ve learned my lesson and regained my senses

Beautiful morning here I am
Another chance to shine
Kick at the can – no troubles no worries – everything is fine
A million lovely moments for you – stringing together, making a life
A million tiny wishes come true
Make your wishes and Take Some Chances