All Lined Up

by Steve Caston

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He says: I Haven’t heard anything that turned me on since I was seventeen
It seems the world’s moved on
But it hasn’t got better with age

He goes: Every generation wants to stop the clock
...but the kids all tell ’em to just get lost - you know

He moans: man i was something... I could do it all... it was like a dream
And there was so much meaning but now nothing makes sense to me
Sometimes it feels like i just got robbed...
But i can’t figure out what the bastards have taken from me...

All lines Up... and they All lied to us.

Man we were all lined up for our pat on the head
we were so eager 2 please
i got the full time job and i made my boss proud of me
And all the things that i was fighting against
were all the things that i became...eventually...

All lined up...

They gave me good advice when i was a child if you know what i mean
They said do it right - do what you’re told and do not bother to dream

Because there are only a few who will make it to the top
And the stuff that it takes... You just haven’t got you see...

Had a strong cup of coffee
gave the pound of flesh
read the book of Revelations on the Internet
But i don’t feel a part of it...
’coz noone took the time to explain this shit to me.

Dear Boy you’ve made a big mistake
if you thought that the aim of all of this was - to be FREE

Try what you will... this is just how it is... There is nothing we can do
live and let live and let be...


released October 4, 2013
Steve Caston



all rights reserved