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I was working on putting together a video piece... and working on a concept in terms of the visuals. During a test of my recording process I played something and added some “vocalizations” ...this song was based on some of this “information”... I like to think that at moments like that you are accessing a part of yourself that is less censored and a bit more“open”...


Get Me Out of Here

Get me out of here
Get me out of here
at some point wild abandon
turned into stifled boredom and misery...

you're all to blame
we're all the same – my dear

Take the pieces please
I've got no use for these
at some point I gave up trying
So you can do whatever you want to me
It's all the same
don't call my name – my dear

Get me out of here
Get me out of here
If you didn't hear me the fourth time
then you never will i fear

I'll take the blame
It's just a game – my dear...

I'm on my way
There's no need to stay
Round here...


from RECENT SONGS and other acts of kindness, track released October 26, 2011



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