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I changed up my writing process a little bit... Started with a ukele strummy kind of thing and built the music from there. The lyrics came last... gleaned from various journal entries which I riffed on while playing the music back... the flow, melody and lyrics sort of made themselves known in the process... the vocal “delivery” kind of worked itself that way too.


Morning – Here again
Another Chance to shine – Another kick at the can
Start the day with exhilaration, just go ahead and expect everything
Enjoy it for all it’s worth
Face the future – No Troubles No Worries

Days Days the heat commences
Tick tick tickle trip
The cat sips quick and the forced air forces
Tick tick tickle trip

A million tiny things to do – Added together to move you further along
A million tiny things to prove – make your guesses and adjust your course

Some days – are harder than others
Those days – leave me physically drained
I’ve spent far too much of my life being sad and defeated
Such a BIG waste of time
But I’ve learned my lesson and regained my senses

Beautiful morning here I am
Another chance to shine
Kick at the can – no troubles no worries – everything is fine
A million lovely moments for you – stringing together, making a life
A million tiny wishes come true
Make your wishes and Take Some Chances


from RECENT SONGS and other acts of kindness, track released October 5, 2011



all rights reserved