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I took a bit of a different approach to writing with this piece. The music was created and recorded with full accompaniment... the words came afterwards in an unrlelated bout of writing.
This seemed to have an interesting effect on things for me... especially themeatically... anyway... enough analysis...


Search the sky
it isn’t there
look around you.. the place is bare
I only had to hear it once
And now nothing’s ever been the same
Just hearing – can make you change
You will remember... I still remember

You are a figure in a threadworn suit
I am a sister to the swollen moon
We use our fingers to dislodge the earth
But it’s too soon
Much to soon

There is the echo of the thing we heard
there is the time and there is the pain
I thought that grace would heal all wounds
they are still here...
they come again

Pray to God for just a moment’s rest
But there is God and there is something else
there are thing that prayer won’t change
I call the name
they come again

We will stand silent when the rain begins
there is no fear there is just relief
we stand and listen to the rising sound
This is the moment when it all begins...
It is a game...
they come again


from RECENT SONGS and other acts of kindness, track released November 3, 2010



all rights reserved